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About me

I am a contemporary art lover, designer and art director who specialises in branding for lifestyle, cultural and luxury brands. After successfully studying design at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and award of a design scholarship at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne (Australia), I worked for galleries, cultural institutions and branding-oriented agencies for more than fifteen years.

My keen, feminine feel for typography, shapes and colours, my knowledge of contemporary and modern design and my deep sense for trends and the needs of others create extraordinary and high-quality brand experiences.

I am a native of Cologne with a cosmopolitan attitude and live and work in Cologne, the city on the Rhine.


Nina Heimbrecht /

Designer (UoAS) /

Mediadesigner for digital- and printmedia (CCI)


Lifestyle Guide


Gregor & Strozik - 
Visual Identity


Ruhrtriennale -
Festival of the Arts

3 Deep Design  



Brand strategy

Brand consulting


Logo design

Corporate identity

Corporate design

Style guide

Brand campaign

Imagery concept


Packaging design

Web design

2022 / Adobe InDesign

2022 / Adobe Illustrator

2022 / Adobe Photoshop

2022 / Adobe Acrobat

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